1. Go to student.myvectorworks.net
  2. Enter your details under 'Get Free Education Software' on the right. Click on 'Create'.
  3. You will receive an e-mail to activate your account. Click on 'Activate'.
  4. You will be referred to the student portal, where your activation code has already been completed.
    If not, copy the activation code from your e-mail to the portal. Click on 'Activate'.
  5. Complete your account, accept the conditions of use and provide us with your proof of registration *. Click on 'Update'.
  6. Choose your version ** and add your proof of registration * again. Click on 'Send'.
  7. Download your software by selecting 'Mac' or 'Windows'. Your serial number remains active for 12 months.


Select 'Choose file' and add a valid proof (eg a copy of your current student card)

your name, photo, academic year, school and education clearly stated.

Only jpg or pdf is accepted and your file can not be larger than 4MB.

Incomplete or incorrect requests will be refused.

Because of the design of the portal, this action is requested at 2 locations. You can do both times upload the same document.


Use your Vectorworks in the classroom, discuss with your teacher which version you need.

Also discuss the language preference with your teacher. Once you have entered your language choice,

it is impossible to request another language for the same version.

Files can be saved in such a way that they are compatible with an older version.

If you request the most recent version, you can not request older versions.

If you need an older version, please contact us by phone


The support form on vectorworks.be, vectorworks.nl, vectorworks.fr or vectorworks.pl is free for students.

To do this, create a new support account on that website.

Telephone support via 015 71 96 00 (Belgium), 0182 756 660 (the Netherlands), 01 72 74 76 76 (France) or 022 462 87 99 (Poland).