System requirements Server macOS

If the server is only used for data storage, a relatively simple system is sufficient. As soon as the server is used for project sharing, the requirements will be significantly higher.

Professional Basic use  Absolute minimum
  • Server: Dedicated Windows server with SAS or SSD storage and powerful HD controllers, 10 Gbit or more network connection

About macOS Hardware

Apple will phase out the macOS X Server app functionality in future macOS versions. In the medium to long term, support for the server will be stopped.


  • Data storage and the main server services can be handled by a single entry-level server.
  • Server services such as DHCP, Open Directory, Active Directory, and Printer Management require a mid-level server.
  • Application servers for databases and Exchange servers require a high-end server.
  • macOS and data partitions must be set up through an external storage system such as Promise. Thunderbolt provides an efficient connection between the storage system and the Mac. To avoid data loss, it is recommended to use double or multiple server hard drives, to serve as a back-up.
  • The Apple devices can be efficiently connected to the switch using a Thunderbolt to 10 Gigabit or fiber optic network.
  • For a server with a built-in hard drive (for basic or moderate use), both the system and the hard drive data should be backed up.
  • If the server has an external storage (high-end use), the macOS has to be installed directly on the server.

NAS server

Vectorworks project sharing does not require a dedicated server with server OS. A Network Attached Storage (NAS) provides storage capacity and offers the most important server services over the network. Advantages are a good price-performance ratio and fast installation.


  • PRO Series models (with original SMB protocol), not consumer models
  • Intel processor with sufficient memory (8GB or more)
  • Four or more hard drive ports
  • Hard drives suited for continuous use; additional units for future scalability
  • Four network connections with 10Gbit (module)
  • Rack-mount or desktop model (depending on placement)
Last update: 22/06/2021
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