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Vectorworks includes a lot of useful tools that make designing in Vectorworks faster and easier.

Check them all out below.

Smart Options Display

Smart Options Display provides a context-sensitive, on-demand method to access frequently used tools, tool sets, tool modes, standard views, and snapping options next to your cursor in the drawing area. Smart Options Display reduces how often you must move your mouse, and your focus, away from the drawing area.
Smart Options Display

Smart Options Display Preferences
From the Vectorworks Preferences dialog box, select the Smart Options Display triggers that help you work faster, and specify which of the available smart options best fit your own workflow to maximize efficiency.

Most Vectorworks tools have modes and preferences on the Tool bar that determine each tool’s behavior. If you encounter unexpected tool behavior, be sure to check your Tool Mode settings/preferences. The top right quadrant of the Smart Options Display is set to display tool modes by default.
Smart Options Display to access tool modes, as well as toom modes shown on the Tool bar

Object Info Palette

Once created, objects may be edited in the Object Info Palette (OIP), arguably the most important palette in Vectorworks. For example, you can make changes to an object's geometrical properties by clicking on their selection handles or by simply modifying their parameters in the OIP.
Object Info Palette - Shape Pane

Quick Search

Quick Search
The Quick Search feature quickly finds commands and tools present in the current workspace from within the drawing area, rather than accessing them in the menus or tool palettes/sets. Quick search is available by pressing the F key in a default workspace or by pressing the magnifying glass icon near the right end of the Application window title bar. It is possible to customize the search options in Vectorworks preferences.

SmartCursor Cues and Snapping Parameters

When drafting/modeling, Vectorworks provides SmartCursor Cues to give visual feedback when aligning objects or snapping to points; SmartCursor Cues options are determined by the Snapping Parameters found on the Status Bar at the bottom right of the application window.
SmartCursor Cues

Snapping Parameters

What's This?

What's This? Menu Command
To learn about a tool, palette, or menu command, go to the drop-down menu Help > What's This? then move the question mark cursor to the item of interest. Once you click on the item you will be linked directly to Vectorworks’ online Help system page that describes the item on which you clicked.
Last update: 03/11/2022
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