Window over several stories

By following the steps below it is possible to place a window or door over several stories.

  1. Create the window or door.
  2. Place the window or door in the wall of the bottom story. A window or door can only have its insertion in one wall. As a result, there is no cut-out in the top story.
  3. Copy the window or door to the wall of the top story. Check in 2D/Plan view that both windows/doors are in the same location.
  4. Select the window or door of the top story. In the info palette, adjust the following settings:
    • Adjust the insertion height so that the height of the window matches that of the lower story.
    • Under View, select “Hybrid Opening” so that the window only has a 3D opening and a 2D/Plan view. The Hybrid option also has a 3D view. This 3D view must be active in the lower lstory.
    • Then deselect the option “Include in Window Schedule”. Otherwise, the window will be counted twice in the window schedule. 
    • At cut plane Z, adjust the cutting height so that you cut through the upper part of the window or door.

Last update: 29/11/2022
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