Vectorworks doesn’t find my dongle

Step 1: Reinstall the Dongle Driver

Most dongle issues can be solved by reinstalling the Dongle driver. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Download the Dongle Driver for your operating system.

  • Execute the .exe or .pkg file.

  • If prompted, uninstall the Dongle Driver. Attention: Do not reinstall!

  • Install the Dongle Driver.

Step 2: (Re)installing the dongle driver did not work

This can have two causes:

  • Vectorworks is installed with an electronic, dongle-free license (serial number starts with “E”) instead of with a dongle license (serial number starts with “B”). Reinstall Vectorworks with the correct serial number starting with a B to solve this issue. Read this article on how to find your serial number.

  • The dongle is defective.

    • Make sure the dongle is not damaged.

    • Check if the Dongle is a Vectorworks dongle.

    • Make sure the dongle is connected properly.

    • Try another USB port, preferably one of the primary USB ports on the computer (no HUB or keyboard USB).

    • Reinstall the Dongle Driver (see step 1).

    • Install the Dongle Manager for your operating system. The installed Dongle Manager should display the dongle number.

    • Connect the dongle to another computer without installing Vectorworks. You can test the dongle by installing the ‘Dongle Driver’ and the ‘Dongle Manager’.

Step 3: Blinking dongle light

From time to time, dongles tend to start blinking. This is easy to solve:

  • Make sure the dongle is connected properly, preferably to one of the primary USB ports on the computer (no HUB or keyboard USB).

  • Open your internet browser.

  • Go to: https://localhost:1947 and choose 'Sentinel Keys’.

  • The moment you go to https://localhost:1947 , the LED light will go dark. After a few seconds it will light up again (without blinking anymore).  If this is not the case, please try again. This procedure will update your dongle software.

If you followed all the steps and your dongle still does’nt respond, please contact us for further assistance.

Last update: 30/06/2021
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